man boxing

What is It?

Have you ever heard of cage fighting? Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the same thing. It is a combat sport that uses both striking and grappling techniques. Striking is intended to cause blunt trauma, while grappling refers to manoeuvres where you seize an opponent to improve your relative position.

Legality of MMA

MMA competitions were actually illegal for a long time in Canada. Professional competitions are still illegal in Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. But other provinces and territories have created athletic divisions that allow MMA competitions. Most competitions are run by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

girl boxing
girl boxing

If you are new to MMA, I’d recommend looking up some older competitions and some well-known Canadian fighters. I like David Loiseau—he’s very dynamic and his spinning kicks and flying knees are dangerous and precise! George St-Pierre is considered to be the best Canadian MMA ever, so definitely look him up!